Thursday, March 27, 2014

Budgeting Tips: Simple Ways to Get Through the Month Until Next Pay Day

Too many of us struggle to get through the month financially these days, so here are some very simple ideas to spread your income more effectively:

Cope with emergencies
We all suffer from the odd emergency: washing machine breaks down; car need insuring; dog needs an operation; school trip needs paying for; too many birthdays arrive in a single month and so many more. Rather than stick this in a credit card, consider using Wizzcash. Despite what the press will have you believe, if you use it just for an emergency and pay it back in time, it can be cheaper in the long term. We've all put something on the credit card and only paid back the monthly minimum. With quick loan sites like you can choose how much to borrow and see instantly how much it will cost relative to the time frame you pay back the loan in. It’s not an ideal financial situation to be in, but at least you can retain clarity and control over the situation.

Make a shopping list and stick to it
How often do we come home with those little extras? We see something carefully placed by the supermarket marketing types and think we couldn't possibly get by without it. Don't fall in to their trap! Check your cupboards and fridge and list what you need, even making a weekly menu and sticking to it.

Use your local market
We've got so used to buying fruit and veg from the supermarkets, that we’ve forgotten just how cheap the local market can be. They get their produce from the same places, and if you leave it until near closing time, you can pick up some fantastic bargains. You also get an opportunity to blow off the cobwebs on the long lost art of haggling to carve out some good deals for yourself too - I recommend checking out the haggling guide here for some great tips.

Say "NO" more often
An invitation to a swift half after work can too easily result in a drinking session and a £50 bill. The children won't starve if their pleading for a McDonald's/Burger King/KFC is answered with "no". The toy they plead for in a pound shop won't last more than a day, and they'll have forgotten about it by the time you get home

This is a no-brainer. It keeps you fitter and costs nothing. Rather than drive a couple of miles, or even take the bus, walk. You'll meet neighbours you've never seen before, see things you never noticed in the car and the calories will drop off.

De-clutter on-line
You can quickly and easily bring in some cash by selling unwanted items on eBay. Even better though, use your local Facebook group as you can sell in hours, have the cash brought to your doorstep and there are no insertion fees.

Make lunch
Don’t stop off at the sandwich shop, cafĂ©, pub or fast-food joint for your lunch, make it at home. In minutes you can make a delicious sandwich, salad or pasta. If you’re lucky enough to have microwave facilities at work, re-heat last night's left overs or warm up some soup. These will almost always be much cheaper and often far healthier too!


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