Monday, January 7, 2013

Reader Submitted Money Saving Tips

Thanks to everyone who participated in the iPad Giveaway. The contest winner chose to receive a $300 Amazon gift card in lieu of the Apple iPad Mini that I was giving away. Perhaps that is a money saving tip in itself. Anyway, I have compiled the tips that were submitted by PFStock readers. I have tried to categorize the tips, and hope that this will come in handy my readers. Without further ado, here are some of the tips that were sent in:

Use coupons:
  • Make sure to use coupons!
  • Use coupons and shop on sales.
  • Use coupons, keep an eye on good deals, and buy in bulk.
  • My best tip is to use coupons on products that you buy.
  • Use coupons and watch sales and check the clearance racks.
  • Use a free coupon with a Buy One, Get One Free offer, doubling your savings!
  • Make a budget, use coupons, buy items on sale and use cash so you don't overspend.
  • Only shop sales, use coupons and make a plan so you don't overspend.
  • Food is a big ticket item, follow the sales, use coupons, cut down on non essential food items,you'll save money and learn to eat healthier.
  • I religiously cut coupons and follow several great blogs that feature coupon matchups at local stores, so I can shop efficiently, quickly and most cost-effectively.
  • My car is a walking coupon shop. I have an envelope with coupons for shopping such as Macy's, Express, Chico's etc. Then I have another with restaurant and fast food restaurants. Then the last is for grocery store items. I continually check Groupon, the radio and newspapers for deals to purchase both for at home and as gifts. We live on what we earn. We do not go out or buy unless we have the money for it. We drive older cars and my husband is in the car business. We save as much as we can in the 401K and have a savings for unexpected expenses. We pay off credit cards, do not take out loans and you'd be surprised what we earn. We would never stop in a coffee shop for a coffee when you can make it at home. We don't drink alcohol so that saves money.

Shop around online and in stores:
  • Always Google or check RetailMeNot for coupon codes for online purchases. Use ebates or another site to earn cash back on your purchases.
  • Check websites for the best deals.
  • Look at sale flyers online weekly and compare prices and coupons.
  • I comparison shop online then search for coupon codes to save extra money.
  • Compare prices every where online and check for coupon codes for free shipping.
  • Always search online for coupons and sales, and if you don't 'need' the thingy wait for a coupon or sale (example: I like 3D movies but they cost way too much, I waited for Black Friday and got them for 1/2 price).
  • Always price compare online before purchasing a desired product.
  • Shop around online, you can find great deals and compare prices.
  • My tip is to set alerts from deals websites for the things you need so that when a good deal comes around, you can buy it and not have to worry about buying at retail.
  • I always check prices on the internet for things I will be buying. I try to shop for groceries from the store ad. I stock up when items are on sale and try not to pay full price for anything.
  • Shop secondhand shops for clothing and housewares!
  • A good money saving tip would be look at other stores before jumping in and buying something because you wouldn't believe how many things I've looked at on one site and kept looking around and have deals on things. Another good tip is look for coupon codes before checking out on sites there are some really good codes out there for free that you can easily find with searches for free shipping and percent off of your total order which helps around the holidays and anytime! Hope I helped and thank you for the amazing giveaway good luck everyone!

Use credit cards to your advantage:
  • Make sure to pay credit cards off in full in month. I keep a list of all our monthly charges, each charge goes right on the list, so I know exactly what we will owe. We don't buy unless we have the money ahead of time. Also, Get a credit card that doesn't charge a fee and look for one with rewards.
  • Avoid credit cards and pay with cash. You will be surprised how much money you will save.
  • My best tip is if you can't pay cash don't buy it. I am currently credit card balance free. (knock on wood)
  • Money saving tip for travelers.. check out flyertalk the credit card threads.. you can literally aty & fly for free with the great sign up bonuses on so many credit cards. [PFStock: Can anybody tell me what the word "aty" means?]
  • If you pay with cash you will spend less. It's too easy to hand over a card and not think about how much you're spending.
  • Plan purchases and watch hidden costs if you have to charge. Getting 18 months no interest and not paying things off is costly. You pay interest on the whole purchase after 18 months even if you only owe a few dollars. BEWARE!
  • Price match, use coupons in store and online, shop around before purchasing, take advantage of credit card rewards and other store loyalty programs etc.

  • Coupon, and organize with a list - the time invested will be worth it.
  • Always make a list and never ever buy on the spot for big purchases.
  • Always use your grocery store's discount card and always look for coupons before you go shopping.
  • Carry your store affinity cards in a coin purse, separate from your wallet. This way, all of your store cards are all in one place and easy to find.
  • Make a list before shopping and stick to it. Resist those impulse buys.
  • My best money saving idea is to take a list when you go shopping and stick to it.
  • Stay out of stores! Only grocery shop with a list - and stick to it.
  • I sign up for loyalty rewards from my favorite stores. Besides that I earn points whenever I use it, I also get special discounts.

Reduce Wasteful Spending:
  • My best money saving tip is to reduce wasteful spending like cigarettes, liquor, eating out...and& to coupon when you will save money faster than one might think.
  • My best money saving tip is to reduce the amount of monthly bills you have to the smallest number possible. For example get rid of cable, you do not need it. You can get rid of all the monthly bills except electricity and phone.
  • I try to save my money because I am a college student.
  • My best money saving tip is to buy something even if you don't need it (except foodstuffs) when it's on sale, especially if you use it, because then you won't need to buy it when you need it.
  • A saving money tip I suggest is don't spend on unnecessary. Spend on needs, not wants!
  • One money saving tip is loose your cable company. With today's platform integration, who needs regular TV? There are so many free options with internet TV and YouTube. I say who needs it?
  • Stock up when commonly used items are on sale.
  • Money Saving Tip~ BUY GENERIC EVERYTHING. Generic is just as good as brand name!
  • Lots of good tips. I try to buy whatever I need when it's on sale and try to save every extra cent I can, which is hard to do today with the high price of rent, etc.
  • I grow a garden in the summer and try to put up as much as I can to have fresh veggies and fruits during the summer and preserved food the rest of the year.
  • I set aside a food budget. I do not use any other money outside of the food money. It helps us plan better and get what we really need.
  • Shopping around and comparing prices... never buy right away!
  • My best tip is wait one week before buying any large ticket (non-essential) item. It truly gives you the time to think about the item and stops you from an impulse buy. It seems so simple but I have really instituted this rule in my life for anything over 100.00 and I have saved a large amount of money doing this. The time also gives you an opportunity to shop around and decide if you really need it and maybe, yes maybe, you forget about the item. If you do, you have saved $ and realized eventually that it wasn't that important (when you think about it again in the future).
  • In addition to using coupons and shopping around to get the best price you should work to keep the things that you have in good working order so that they don't need to be replaced and get as much use out of everything as you can - for example, you can use less than the recommended amount of laundry detergent and still have clean clothes; you can use half as much toothpaste and still get clean teeth, reuse disposable items (with care, you need to be sure that they CAN be reused without harmful effects) or don't use disposable at all.

Live below your means and save money:
  • Automate your savings so you'll be sure to pay yourself first.
  • Pay yourself 10% first. David Chilton's advice will serve you well. Also - don't pay bank fees! Get a no-fee bank account at PC Financial or ING. Use a no-fee credit card and pay off your balance. And finally and most importantly - Spend less than you earn! [PFStock: David Chilton is the author of the classic personal finance book, The Wealthy Barber.]
  • Do not carry credit card balances. Realize you cannot Keep Up With the Kardashians.
  • Make a budget and stay on it and always avoid the temptation to "keep up with the Joneses."Make a budget and stay on it and always avoid the temptation to "keep up with the Joneses.

Plan your finances:
  • Check your banking statements. Be careful of rewards programs where you might have to pay an annual fee!
  • Best tip for saving would be to set up automated withdraws to IRA's, savings accounts, etc... What you don't see in your bank account, you won't spend.
  • Don't necessarily choose the cheapest insurance, choose a company that will cover you in a loss AND has good premium costs.
  • This is not as much a money saving tip as it is a budget on a shoe string. I divide my monthly bills into my paychecks and pay that portion each and every paycheck. This was it is smaller amount and easier to budget.
  • The best tip would be to save more than you spend. Other solutions would be to always survey prices using certain apps that can scan barcodes and also to keep track of daily expenses with a limiting budget set for each month.
  • If you want a new car. Start saving the monthly payment for at least 6 months prior to ensure you will be able to afford it. Also if you save it for 6-12 months at $500 a month that is $3000-$6000 cash. You could use this to buy a used car paid in full and start saving the monthly payment again but 12-24-36 months. This will then give you $6000-$18,000 cash to pay for a very nice car including the trade in value of your car you bought for 3-6 grand.
  • Never spend change, just save it.
  • My best advice is to budget, budget, budget! And, like the above poster mentioned, saved change adds up in a hurry. Lastly, avoid impulse purchases like the plague lol.
  • I believe in setting realistic goals for myself when figuring out what I should be buying and saving. I know my needs vs. wants. I spend based on both, but I only spend on the wants if I have enough to cover those expenses. Too many people spend over the amount they really can afford because of impulse spending. That's bad budgeting. I've learned to plan ahead. Keep a "rainy day" account for those emergencies that may pop up. Plan for the future.

Thanks again to everybody who participated. If you have more money saving tips, feel free to share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading this far. If I can afford it, I would like to continue offering giveaways like this in the future. As many readers know, giveaways are usually financed by blog sponsors. I would like to have another iPad giveaway in 2013. You can help make this a reality by applying for an offer on either of these pages:

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Disclaimer: Comments are user submitted money saving tips. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of PFStock.


  1. It was very nice of you to post people's responses as it's nice to know you actually took the time to read them =)

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I actually read each submission. There are some really good ideas here. I hope that you found this list useful.

  3. Great compilation of money saving tips! It's wonderful to hear real tips from real people. I'd like to share a tip as well.

    I sign up for loyalty rewards from my favorite stores. Besides that I earn points whenever I use it, I also get special discounts.

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