Monday, August 20, 2012

Farewell to SmartMoney Magazine

I just received my September 2012 issue of SmartMoney magazine. I have been reading this magazine for nearly 20 years, and was surprised to find a note on the cover of this latest issue. It seems that the magazine is ceasing publication. SmartMoney says that they would fulfill the remaining issues with the Barron's Magazine.

I know that it is not uncommon for magazines to stop being published. The same thing happened with Business 2.0 magazine several years ago. Over the years, Smart Money has published many great articles. I particularly enjoyed those about early retirement. But, I would also agree that the overall quality of the writing has declined over the years. I remember one such article that touted the largely defunct website (a financial planning website that nobody used) as the best.

In addition to SmartMoney, we still subscribe to Kiplinger's Personal Finance and Money Magazine. Our subscription to Smart Money was supposed to end in February 2016. By my count, there are 41 issues remaining in my subscription. When they say that they will fulfill my remaining SmartMoney issues with Barron's, I wonder if they will they extend the Barron's subscription to 2/2016.


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