Monday, June 21, 2010

Does Anybody Use Wesabe?

An article in SmartMoney inspired me to construct the poll "Which financial account management website do you use?" in the sidebar of my blog. Here is a link to the original article at Which Financial Planning Web Site Is Best For You?

The article mentions a website called, and lists it first among the three sites listed. and were the other two sites that they listed. As a history lesson, Quicken bought Mint, and if you try to access Quicken Online, you will end up on the Mint web site. So, the article really only mentions two financial websites.

Anyway, I have had the financial account management website poll up on my blog sidebar for a while now, and so far nobody has responded that they use Wesabe to manage their finances. So, my question to my readers is "Does anybody use Wesabe?" Anybody at all? If so, I would like like to hear what the benefits are.

Personally, I use Yodlee to track my finances, and so do the majority of readers. I usually find very good insights presented in SmartMoney but in this case I find their advice dubious as they didn't even mention Yodlee in their article.



  1. As you might have noticed, Wesabe is shutting down its service by end of July 2010. They would offer an open source solution to run as a virtual machine locally.

  2. Thanks for the info. I was not aware that Wesabe was shutting down until I read this comment. I have written a new post with more details about the Wesabe shut down.