Friday, July 22, 2016

The New, Updated Yahoo Finance

Yahoo recently updated their Finance pages. And, there has been a lot of criticism of the new Yahoo Finance site. According to Yahoo, they "updated the Yahoo Finance homepage to have a fresh new look with bigger headlines and photos, an enhanced news stream, and consistent navigation at the top of the page."

My biggest criticism is that the Yahoo Finance site seems to slow down my entire computer, not just that page. I don't want bigger headlines and photos, as I like to see more articles on one page without having to constantly scroll down. After every 3-4 articles is an advertisement that tries to blend in with the real news. The historical stock data display is messed up in Yahoo Finance. The column showing the adjusted close is not correct, and the column showing the actual close is missing.

I did find that is is still possible to access the original Yahoo quote pages:

To change symbols, enter a new symbol in the box for symbol Look Up. The old message boards are also accessible:

If you like the old features, I would suggest bookmarking the old Yahoo pages. There is no guarantee of how long they will still be available?

So, what do you think of the NEW Yahoo! Finance site? My advice would be to don't fix what is not broken.



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