Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Discover Card 2012 Cashback Bonus Categories

Discover Card offers a 5% cashback bonus on a "seasonally rotating" list of spending categories. For the 2012, these bonus categories are as follows:

Q1 2012: Gas Stations, Museums, Movies
Q2 2012: Restaurants, Movies
Q3 2012: Gas, Movies, Theme Parks
Q4 2012: Department Stores, Electronics Stores, Toy Stores, Movies

I noticed that "movies" occurs in every one of seasonal lists, so you can conclude that you should always use your Discover card if you are at the movies.

Discover it™ Card

It is also worth mentioning that Discover Card is currently offering a deal on balance transfers. If you apply for a new card (see link), Discover is will give you an introductory 0% APR for 12 months from date of first transfer, for transfers that post to your account by July 10, 2012 AND there is no transfer fee. It seems that you need to open a new account to get the $0 balance transfer fee. I have an existing Discover Card account, and although they still offer 0% APR on balance transfers, they charge 5% with a $10 minimum for account transfers.


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