Friday, March 5, 2010

Has Anyone Received Their Tax Refund?

In January, I wrote a post that tries to answer the question: When will I get my 2010 tax refund? My post shows a table of when to expect your tax refund if you E-filed your return. It is now early March, and everybody who filed before February 11, should have already received their refund. So, I want to ask the question, "has anybody received their tax refund yet?"

I estimate that most people have yet to file their 2010 taxes. In my case, I received my last 1099 form just last week, so things are going slowly. But once you do file, you are likely to anxiously check your mail or bank account for your refund. Last year (in 2009), I have heard some anecdotal stories about the Internal Revenue Service taking a lot longer to process refunds, so I'm curious how the IRS is doing this time around.

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  1. I filed Feb 20th. And still have yet to receive my refund. I even wrote my rep to point out to him that they hired all of those extra agents and gave the IRS a bunch more money but this is the longest it has taken to get a response from them since I began filing 20+ years ago. Typical government performance. Spend more money for less efficiency.