Monday, December 14, 2009

USB Flash Drive Freebies

I recently mentioned attending the San Francisco Hard Assets Conference, which was held last month. One of the highlights of this annual investment conference is that the exhibitors usually offer a variety of freebies to attendees. Over the years I've been able to snag several tote bags, caps, and keychains. I have one titanium keychain that was offered by a titanium mining company, and a few stuffed animals and toys that I've collected for my daughter.

But actually, the conference itself is not the topic of this post. A couple years back, I discovered a new trend in freebies. Some companies now offer free promotional USB flash drives. For those who are not familiar with the technology, a USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drive is a portable computer memory that plugs into your computer's USB port and can be used like a miniature hard disk. While they were once a novelty among computer enthusiasts, nowadays USB Flash drives (also known as thumb drives) can often be purchased in the many commonplace stores, including drug and discount stores.

Anyway, conference exhibitors usually load up these USB flash drives with information about their companies: annual reports, company press releases, PowerPoint slides, etc. The casing of each USB flash memory is printed with the company logo and is given away to people willing to stop and talk at their booth. In general, a flash drive can be reused for storing pictures, MP3s, documents, etc. You only need to delete the existing data, or just re-format the drive to make room for your own files.

This year I obtained a couple of new USB flash drives: a 512MB drive from US Gold and a 256MB one from Minera Andes. Nowadays, even 512MB is considered to be a small flash drive, but what can you expect for free? Anyway, thanks to these companies for the freebies.

Does anybody else know of other companies offering free USB flash drives? I would appreciate it if you could share the information. And, if your company offers promotional flash drives, you may Email me (my Email address is in the sidebar) and I will mention it on my blog.



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